It was around the age of 10 - somewhere between his incessant accordion playing and his building of hybrid electrical projects in the garage - that Ron decided he wanted to play an instrument that his dad still hasn’t figured out. Once his mom realized what a bass was, she at once had his dad structurally reinforce the home, and remove all glass objects. Almost immediately, Ron removed all the treble knobs from stereos in the house and placed them in a flaming sacrifice offered up to Marcus Miller, the God of Bass. After being banned and forcibly removed from numerous bands and music venues weekly over the past 30 years, he has finally been permitted to perform with Reflexion (after much groveling and a substantial security deposit). At one recent performance, someone in the crowd noted that “the bass player really stands out”. This was probably due to the fact that Ron was not wearing his hat on that particular evening. He was recently voted “Most Talkative” in a recent poll by Active Non-Voting Seniors Magazine. He received 4 votes.

In reality, Ron is an awesome groove master at the bass.   He has played in countless bands over his professional music career and adds excellent vocal chops to the sound of Reflexion.   Ronny uses a custom 5-string Furlinetto, a  Fender 4-string fretless  and has been playing his  workhorse Fender Jazz for over 35 years.   His bass rig includes Mesa Boogie power and Ampeg cabinets and he has added the versatility of MARK bass amplification most recently to his live stage set-up.