Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it better to hire ‘live entertainment’ over a D.J service?

A D.J’s ability to entertain pales in comparison to that of a live band. The intimacy and connection between performers on-stage and the guests on the dance floor is almost immediate.
For those who do not like dancing, the live band can provide visual entertainment which is not possible with a D.J service.

Can your band still provide all the cool lighting and special effects that many D.J’s offer?

Absolutely! Depending on the entertainment package chosen, Reflexion can provide strobe and L.E.D lighting, moonflower dance floor lighting and even low level fog and smoke machines to enhance your dance experience. The low-level fog machine is a favourite for the first dance for many bride and grooms and the special effect lighting provided will make your party experience just like a full scale night club no matter what the location!

Are bands worth the extra money over a D.J service?

Many D.Js charge upwards of 2000 dollars depending on the dance package you choose. Reflexion has packages that will fit your budget that are comparable to many upscale  D.J packages.  Reflexion  can offer small sound system/lighting packages that should fit your budget for intimate gatherings and can also provide professional sound and lighting services for audiences over 2000 people. A D.J service usually employs 1-2 people for a function. A live band involves using real musicians who will work at making your special gathering a great success.   Reflexion can provide duet, trio, quartet size performing groups but the six and seven piece ensemble is your best bet for a great night of dancing and entertainment.

Does Reflexion take long frequent breaks?

Actually for most functions, especially weddings, we take only one extended break. During the break we provide D.J music so the dance floor can continue being entertained. At times we will provide background recorded music so that the guests will have an opportunity to take a dance break and talk and mingle. For those functions that require more than one break we keep or breaks to around 15-20 minutes total.

What about special requests and song choices?

Reflexion has hundreds of songs in our repertoire. Visit our repertoire link for a sample. We will learn special requests for the bride and groom’s 1st dance, wedding party dance and any other special tribute songs needed, ie. Bride and father or groom and mother etc. Reflexion is constantly learning new repertoire and with our vast vocal and instrumental versatility we can certainly learn any requested material with the proper advance notice.


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